Latent Space

Mission Statement

Why We Exist

Latent Space is committed to building world-class information management tools for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. We were born from the Research and Development group of TEECOM, a technology engineering firm. There, we built internal tools to solve problems around analytics, data-structuring, coordination, design automation, and machine learning. We founded Latent Space to bring what we learned and developed to the entire AEC industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build tools for the entire lifecycle of building construction projects that drive down waste in time and resources, improve information flow, and enable the production new foundational knowledge about how we design, construct, and maintain the world around us. We believe that there is latent potential in the mountains of CAD drawings, building information models, schedules, sketches, and notes that are currently scattered throughout so many offices all over the world. We will build the tools that enable AEC teams to unlock this, but without having to learn new tools or techniques.

We strive to do this independent of any platform. Free and open source software, the open web, and collaborative international standardization have been objective wins for the advancement of human knowledge and productivity. The platforms that we are building will build on this foundation to bring the same transparency and portability of knowledge to design and construction.